x4 problems with 99% of Bike jerseys and clothing for children

The bike industry is full of cool brands and great products. Unfortunately this is only true for adults and older children.

For toddlers and children aged 1-6 there wasn't anything available that was high quality and looked amazing. 

A lot of the main brands do attempt to cover this market, but only as a second thought. This means fit and designs are often poor or just plane boring...

The x4 main problems are:

Quality - A lot of jerseys in this age range are poor quality.

Design - Designs are boring, often just black for the smaller sizes.

Fit - Nothing is designed to fit this age range, so jerseys are often way to big.

Price - Big brands charge big bucks, even for smaller items!

The Little Rider way...

Little Rider Co was created because of these pain points. We wanted high quality technical jerseys with cool designs, that didn't break the bank. We are on a mission to continue this drive into other areas of bike clothing and gear for children and toddlers.

Where can I find out more?

Want to see the cool designs on our jerseys that we create, click here : o )

Let's talk...

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