LITTLE RIDER CO – ‘Industry Inspiration’ Interview Series - Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC)

How did you get your ‘job’? 

We have been running CFC for almost 20Yrs. CFC was founded by Mike Grisenthwaite and I joined him shortly after. We raise funds through private and corporate fundraising and events and through sales from our charity bike shops. All these proceeds are then used to provide bikes, cycling equipment and advice to children and the families of children living with or beyond cancer all over the UK.

I am Trustee Director for CFC. I give my time voluntarily. As a cancer exercise specialist, bike fitter and Sports Injury specialist I help with any cases where bike adaptations or special needs must be accounted for as well as helping to run the charity as a whole.

We do it because if you could put cycling or exercise into a pill it would be a miracle drug for anyone fighting cancer or living with the after-effects. Giving children back a tiny bit of independence when they can pedal a bike around their home or the park with their family and friends. The gift of cycling gives them back a bit of dignity amongst all the other horrors they may be going through at such a difficult time. To see a young person able to ride a bike for the first time after having a limb amputated for example and thinking they would never be able to do something like it is honestly mind-blowing!

What are your goals and future-plans for your business/brand?

We would ideally like to open a number of further Charity Bike Shops around the UK in order to be able to deliver bikes and equipment directly from someone within the organization to the family where up to now we have had to ship bikes to local bike-shops etc.

How do you currently see the kids cycling scene?

I believe the children's cycling scene shows a lot of promise of continued growth and hopefully more and more young people will find cycling as our Olympians keep winning medals in all disciplines and more and more of their parents get into the sport in some form or another too. The future looks great for cycling I hope.

What impact would you like to make on kids cycling, and how do you see the future?

We just want to provide every child living with cancer with a bike if they would like one!

Where do you take your inspiration from? Who inspires you in the industry?

My collegues at CFC all inspire me, but most of all all the children I meet who are so strong and stoic under the toughest of conditions inspire me greatly. I am constantly in awe of how they are handling the tortures of cancer treatment and the ability to put a big smile on their face and enjoy pedaling. It really helps put life into context seeing these children.

How can people find out more about your work and your brand/business?

Visit one of our shops, keep up to date on our Cyclists Fighting Cancer social media feeds and/or on the website. We would love your support if you are planning any cycling challenges etc get in touch



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